a. Individual

Individual programs are designed for students who want to attend the summer school experience on their own.

Summer Discovery, UCLA, ABD

The summer of 2016 brings back good memories as I had the opportunity of attending a summer school at Tufts University to improve my English. It was really enjoyable to learn with cultural trips and interesting activities. The next summer, in 2017, I had another summer school adventure which was in sunny Los Angeles, University of California. Compared to my first summer school experience abroad, I selected more advanced and academic courses in UCLA.

b. By Interest

In addition to English education, we offer different educational programs for different expectations and personal interests.

*Science & Technology
*Exam Preparation (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS)
*Academic Development
*Leaders of the Future

We closely follow the latest training programs and share them with you through SummerEgitim portal.

University of Colorado, Boulder, ABD

I was really excited when I found out I could attend a summer school about astronomy which is my true passion. By taking astronomy lessons for 3 weeks in America, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about it. Being together with people from different parts of the world who shared the same passion with me increased my motivation as well.

c. Group

Summer school programs that take place in groups are planned in the way that students travel with a teacher. Students receive support from the teacher who accompanies them during the summer school.

BEDE’S, Lancing, England

BEDE’s summer school was an unforgettable experience that contributed a lot to me academically. It is a disciplined and content-rich educational program but it is also very fun. I met students from different nations at the school and made very good friends.

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