Ayşegül Efeçınar

The year was 1999, and I didn’t yet know it was the year that would lead my whole life. Thanks to an event I attended as a translator, I found a part-job at an international education consultancy firm. Things were smooth sailing. Simultaneously, I applied for a graduate program in Canada and was accepted. My primary goal was to go and study there as soon as I graduated college.

Yet, plans changed suddenly. I decided to start my own consultancy business in January 2000. Later came long working hours, trips abroad, and adorable students. I was lucky from the start because I had a qualified team who shared my passion and devotion in this journey.

From 2000 to this day, WESTEDU has provided more than 5000 students with access to education suitable for their academic backgrounds, aptitude, career goals, personal expectations, and budget leading to satisfaction and happiness.

Well, how do we get there? We listen to understand so we know you and your expectations. We offer the world’s most distinguished schools and education programs that we have determined in the light of our experience.

With the same understanding, we constantly aim to achieve higher. My team and I look forward to meeting you.




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University of Colorado, Boulder, ABD

I was really excited when I found out I could attend a summer school about astronomy which is my true passion. By taking astronomy lessons for 3 weeks in America, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about it. Being together with people from different parts of the world who shared the same passion with me increased my motivation as well.

Mehmet Furkan
Mehmet Furkan BAYLAN, Izmir Ozel Turk High School

Summer Discovery, UCLA, ABD

The summer of 2016 brings back good memories as I had the opportunity of attending a summer school at Tufts University to improve my English. It was really enjoyable to learn with cultural trips and interesting activities. The next summer, in 2017, I had another summer school adventure which was in sunny Los Angeles, University of California. Compared to my first summer school experience abroad, I selected more advanced and academic courses in UCLA.

Sena ÜLGER, ODTÜ High School

BEDE’S, Lancing, England

BEDE's summer school was an unforgettable experience that contributed a lot to me academically. It is a disciplined and content-rich educational program but it is also very fun. I met students from different nations at the school and made very good friends.

Neva YÜNGÜL, TED Ankara High School

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