Language education abroad is determined according to specific expectations and different goals of individuals.

For example; Academic English programs or similarly Exam Preparation programs are recommended for students who will continue their college education after receiving language education. Students who want to improve their language skills in a specific field can also benefit from programs for different purposes such as Business, Law, Tourism or Medical English…etc.

  • General English
  • 30+
  • Exam Preparation
  • Business English
  • Different Languages
  • English + Work Experience

When I decided to attend a language school to improve my English, I received consultation from WESTEDU in selecting the most suitable language school for me. Westedu team helped me with the whole process from the beginning till the end starting with my choice of school, country and city, application, visa, housing and my flights.

Specially Designed

These programs are designed for a desired time period and date. Likewise, the content of the courses are tailored for a specific subject (Crime Science, Hospitality Management, Maritime Law…etc.)

English Language

These are programs that aim to develop all basic language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) Students have the chance to start every week, at the any age and level.

Business English

Through the education programs supporting career development through language enhancement, participants receive English education regarding a specific area such as business, management, law, media, medicine or informatics.

Different Languages

These are language education and culture programs designed for those who want to study languages other than English  (Italian, German, Spanish…etc.)

Exam Preparation

Exam preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or GMAT include the training programs in which students receive education to improve the required strategies and skills for higher scores.


30+ offers education programs for participants aged 30 and over, who want to study the English language at all levels adressing different needs.

English + Work Experience

Through these education programs offering internships at companies after English education, participants gain work experience abroad and enter the business world.

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