WESTEDU provides students with expert college counseling services.
We carry out the entire application process of students applying for undergraduate or graduate programs abroad. Starting from the selection of schools,  to admissions, we offer fully personalized counseling throughout the entire application process.
The step by step application process is as follows:

01. Eligible Country / Selection of Countries


Country selection: it is related to which country will be happier in accordance with geographical location, distance, climate and person’s accustomed to life.


Budget selection plays an important role in country selection because expenditures differ from country to country. The budget allocated for education is one of the important criteria.

Life After Graduation

If the student wants to live in the country where he / she studied, the economy, job opportunities and living conditions in that country should also be taken into consideration.

02. Determining the education area

The student’s educational background, interests, GPA and career plans play a major role in determining the field of education. Undoubtedly, this choice is the biggest step that the student will take in establishing his future and requires very good evaluation.

03. School Selection

The most important factor in meeting the admissions process and application conditions is the ACADEMIC SUCCESS of the student. Therefore, academic success in school choices determines the options in line with the preferred countries. The acceptance conditions of the determined arrows are learned (deadlines, required grade point average, scores from exams such as TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, reference letters and other additional documents) and the application process begins.

04. Application process and after

TIMING is the most important issue at the application stage. Documents, exam results and information requested by the schools are delivered and tracked in a complete and timely manner. Afterwards, the results from the school are evaluated and the necessary accommodation, visa and travel organization is carried out for the decided school.

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